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Featured Items

Old Dutch Master

Frico Old Dutch Master is a matured Dutch cheese with a rich flavour.

Flavour = extra Matured

Age = 40 weeks

Age = 40 weeks extra aged gouda
Maasdam Cheese


Maasdam is a holey Dutch cheese with a sweet, nutty taste.
approx. 10 kg wheel

similar to swiss cheese
Flæskesteg Danish Pork Roast

Flæskesteg, the Danish version of roast pork, is considered to be one of Denmark's principal national dishes.[1] Always prepared with crackling, it is also a favourite for the Danish Christmas dinner served as the evening meal on 24 December or Christmas Eve.

$ 4.99/lb
/lb FROZEN (8-10 lbs)
Leverpastej Danish liver pate

A rustic and tasty paté, which makes the host ideal both for Christmas dinner as to mark all year. Pickles are good for.

$ 4.49
Medisterpølse Danish Sausage

Danish pork sausages are traditional and simple to make, at least as far as sausages go. They are great on their own as a main course, and the leftovers make excellent smørrebrød when sliced up and placed on top of buttered Danish rye bread. While there are a number of pickled condiments that compliment medisterpølse, I prefer the tangy taste of Danish cucumber salad (agurkesalat) and pickled red cabbage to go with lightly spiced pork sausages. And to wash it down? Cold beer. "Skål!"

$ 4.49


330 g / First Price

330 g

Beauvais Søde Ærter

Beauvais' Søde Ærter med gulerødder er særligt velegnet til stuvning.

560 GR
Beauvais Salatblanding

Beauvais' Salatblanding består af ærter, gulerødder og asparges. Blandingen er velegnet til hjemmelavet italiensk salat og til suppe.

270 GR
Rødkål Gammeldags

Rødkål Gammeldags

650 g / First Pric

rødkål 64%, sukker 31%, eddike 5%, konserveringsmidler (E202, E211)

Anthon Berg Gold Box

Anthon Berg is one of the oldest chocolate producers in Denmark, with over 125 years of tradition in chocolate making.

ODENSE Marcipanlåg

Fine marzipan rolled out thinly - just ready to put on a cake or ice cream cake.
Marzipan lid has a diameter of 38 cm.

Packing: 1x290 g

Packing: 1x290 g
Gevalia coffee original

The original Gevalia has been the Danish people favorite coffee for more than a lifetime. A well-balanced coffee with a wonderful aroma and a rich aftertaste.


A piquant cold sauce made with mayonnaise, chopped pickles, capers, anchovies, and herbs

$ 7.99
900 g
Kransekage almond cookies

$ 5.99
/10 fingers

Traditional biscuit

tarteletter cases

If you are Danish, chances are you had a Mormor who used to make Tarteletter - little lovely pastry cases filled with a creamy sauce with chicken and asparagus. A staple of any Danish smorgasbord table in the eighties and nineties and still making guest appearances now and then across Denmark, these delightful pastries are a greast starter or addition to any smorgasbord.

10 pie shell/box
Bagepulver / baking powder

Baking powder is used as a leavening agent in the dough, in which no acid is present. Particularly suitable for sweet baked goods such as cakes and biscuits or in connection with the flour which has a high gluten content. Easy to dose.

Bahncke Fiske-Sennepsmel - Mustard for Fish - 40g

mustard powder 40g

$ 3.25
Hyldeblomstdrik Elderflower syrup

We got it for you!
Hyldeblomst!! It usually comes in a syrup form, and you mix it with water.

Hyldeblomst grows everywhere here and they’re beautiful. People make the drink at home too, they cook the flowers with fresh lemon, sugar and citric acid.

Hyldebærsaft / Elderberry Syrup


Rynkeby first lady generations named Dagmar Andreasen. She was an ambitious woman who stubbornly enforced, the juice should be prepared for good, traditional methods. That we are living today in Dilutables where our juices are produced with respect for Dagmar's conviction.

ODENSE Chokoladesauce/chocolate sauce

ODENSE Chocolate Sauce

Creamy and delicious chocolate flavor based on the best ingredients. Perfect fit for ice cream and dessert as accessories and decoration. The drip tube is handy to use, even for children.

ODENSE Chokoladesauce
Cremet og lækker chokoladesmag baseret på de bedste råvarer. Passer perfekt til is og dessert, som tilbehør og dekoration. Den drypfri tube er handy i brug -også for børnene.

ODENSE Dessertmasse med pistacie smag

The characteristic flavor and the beautiful green color is perfect for cakes, sweets and desserts. Cut the tip of the bag, and dessert mix is ready for use.

Packaging: 200 g

ODENSE Kokosmasse

ODENSE Coconut Mass tastes like pure paradise. The delicate blend is perfect for a variety of desserts, cakes and confectionery pieces.
ODENSE Kokosmasse smager som det rene Paradis. Den delikate blanding er som skabt til en række desserter, kager og konfektstykker.

Ribssaft Redcurrant syrup

Sød Ribssaft

Rynkebys førstedame gennem generationer hed Dagmar Andreasen. Hun var en ærekær kvinde, der stædigt håndhævede, at saften skulle fremstilles efter gode, traditionelle metoder. Det efterlever vi den dag i dag på Rynkeby, hvor vores saft fremstilles med respekt for Dagmars overbevisning.

Solbærsaft / Black currant Syrup

Sød Solbærsaft

Rynkebys førstedame gennem generationer hed Dagmar Andreasen. Hun var en ærekær kvinde, der stædigt håndhævede, at saften skulle fremstilles efter gode, traditionelle metoder. Det efterlever vi den dag i dag på Rynkeby, hvor vores saft fremstilles med respekt for Dagmars overbevisning.

Vanilla Beans

Naturprodukt av høyeste kvalitet. Leveres i praktisk glassemballasje, som sikrer opprettholdelse av den riktige og naturlige kvaliteten i Bourbon vaniljestang.

2 sticks

prices may change without notice.

please ask by e-mail for the updated products and price list  

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